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IT support

  • reliability (our skilled professionals provide high quality of services in the shortest possible time);

  • economic efficiency (delegating of certain functions to outsourcing will increase the profitability and the efficiency of your company, releasing labour force to focus on more important and global tasks, goals and objectives);

  • no human factor (our staff can duplicate each other, therefore their personal life situations – maternity leave, illness, vacation, etc., do not affect the terms and quality of work);

  • freeing up time for the development of new areas of your business or the strengthening of existing ones (delegating secondary functions to outsourcing, increasing time for your core business).

We well reduce your capital and operating expenses

  • Some managers think that remote work will reduce the productivity of staff, but a difficult economic situation makes you bet on efficiency. High technologies have blurred the corporate perimeter and made the concept of distance work a reality suggesting as follows: new trends and the way to save your money;

  • The cost of the "mobile office" will pay off in the first year of operation, and will take only 2-3 months for its establishment.

  • The office IP-telephony will help you to significantly save your money due to additional intelligent services, such as a ‘Virtual PBX’. "According to our estimates, the savings can be up to 20% as the business does not spend funds on the purchasing of expensive equipment and attracting the service and support personnel" Olga Fefelova said, the MGTS PR-manager (the Moscow City Telephone Network). In addition, in extremely competitive communications market, the IP-telephony tariffs for the corporate office are more profitable today than ever before.

  • Have you ever thought about the urgency of software licensing? about the risks of using piracy software? penalties for using unlicensed software? Did you know that you can save tenfold on buying licenses for software?

Design and installation of networks of any complexity

Laying fiber-optic cable

  • Fiber-optic communication lines, abbreviated as FOCL, exceed in the performance the traditional copper wiring data transmission lines by an order of magnitude.

  • NanoTechProm LLP takes seriously to designing and laying the fiber-optical communication lines, therefore we can provide necessary amount of data and speed of data transmission. We use a customised approach to the features of the facility with FOCL, and take into account the financial possibilities of the customer.

  • We try to find solutions to take complete advantages and all opportunities of fiber-optic communication lines. But in some cases, to achieve better efficiency, we are ready to combine the FOCL technology and the traditional copper twisted pair. It is convenient when upgrading an existing local network, which can be combined with a new fiber-optic communication lines, not interfering the rapid transfer of data between buildings that are remote from each other, and will reduce the costs for all work.

Topographic surveying and mapping using drone software 

site engineering and geodetic survey including as follows:

  • construction and development of geodetic networks;

  • global positioning using a satellite system;

  • site finding;

  • layout of axes and Benchmark setting up

  • geodetic monitoring of deformations in buildings and structures;

  • geodetic survey of building façades.

Additional cadastral work using geodetic methods of data acquisition, including as follows:

  • Topographical survey, land-marking and land-use planning;

  • survey network servicing;

  • overall measurements;

  • control of the accuracy of geometric conformity of buildings during the construction period;

  • accounting and monitoring of the actual scope of excavation works performed;

  • Observation of deformations.

Lease hardware

Main benefits of leasing:

  • overall financing of the investment operation without the immediate payment requirement, which gives an opportunity to acquire high-value assets without diverting significant funds from your business;

  • it is technically easier for your company to get assets for leasing than to raise a loan for their acquisition, since a leased asset with sufficient liquidity can act as collateral;

  • more flexible source of financing as compared with a loan, since it provides an opportunity for both parties to work out a convenient payment scheme (for example, lease payments can be made after receipt of proceeds from the sale of goods produced on leased equipment, taking into account the seasonality of the business, etc.);

  • various types of collateral;

  • reduced risks associated with owning assets;

  • lease payments fully refer to the cost of production (cost price) of the lessee and, accordingly, reduce the taxable profit;

  • as a rule, the leased assets are not belong on the lessee’s balance sheet, which frees the lessee from paying tax on this property;

  • the opportunity to obtain high quality of service and support, etc.

Increase the efficiency of your business processes

  • Business automation is the partial or complete translation of typical operations and business tasks under the control of a specialized IT system, or hardware and software package. That result in releasing labour and financial resources to increase productivity and efficiency of the strategic management.

  • Automation of business processes can significantly improve the quality of corporate management and the quality of the products. It gives a number of significant advantages for the entire company.

  • Increasing the speed of processing information and solving repetitive tasks.

  • Increasing the transparency of the business and its  technological effectiveness.

  • Increased coherence of personnel activities and the quality of their work.

  • The capacities for controlling large amounts of information.

  • Automation of manual labour.

  • Reducing the number of errors and improving the management accuracy.

  • Simultaneous and parallel tasks

  • Making a prompt decision in stereotypical situations.

  • Due to the business process automation, the head of the company will receive more information for business processes analysis in the form of detailed analytical reports and will have the opportunity to manage the company at a high quality level taking into account external and internal indicators.

High-precision geodetic and surveying services for the construction of any facilities with interactive mapping and precise definition of the scope of work performed

  • Standard functional operations include 2D and 3D measurements of the surveyed sites:

  • Volumes of cut and fill

  • Elevation profiles

  • Elevations at specific points of the site

  • Distances (linear and with respect to the terrain)

  • The areas and perimeters of the surveyed sites (linear and with respect to the terrain)

  • Inclinations

  • Comparison of two sites / surface areas

  • Automatic detection of changes in the terrain between two dates

  • Colour rendering of changes in the surface and time elapsed between scans

  • Colour rendering of the comparison of a digital copy and a geodetic and project surfaces   

Assistance in the development and implementation of your IT strategy

We will help you to change the corporate digital environment quickly and effectively. Partnership with us will bring to your company the most advanced digital solutions, and our experience and expertise in the field of consulting will allow you to implement the operating system in a sustainable and effective manner.

IT and high tech consulting

  • IT consulting provides for prompt identifications of gaps in the information assurance and hardware support of your business and development of proposals to optimize and improve business processes using the advanced computer technologies. In addition, specialists in the IT consulting provide services in the selection of skilled personnel in the field of IT and telecommunications services, which can reduce the frequency of calls to third party specialists for assistance in solving problems with information, software and hardware support in the company, and, therefore, reduce its financial expenses.

  • It is advisable to seek IT assistance By the in the event of identifying problems with the company's information security, frequent hacker, DDoS and targeted attacks. As information disclosure, especially information leak to competitors, can lead to a sharp reduction in the company's revenue.  Therefore, minor savings can turn into a complete collapse of your prosperous business.

Delivery of any type Hardware and Software

We are an official partner and representative of a number of Hardware and Software manufacturers.

Therefore we can offer dealer prices for our customers

Drone services for monitoring oil and gas pipelines

  • Troubleshooting of the facility: Detection of ruptures, cracks, corrosive zones, damages of hydro and thermal insulation, etc.; 

  • The environmental monitoring control along the main pipeline routes, identification of leak points and volumes of underground and ground leakages of hydrocarbons, areas of pollution, etc .; 

  • analysis of pipeline crossings through water barriers, road and railway crossings; 

  • the study of current faults, fractures and modern movements of the earth's crust, their influence on the pipeline, and the stress-strain state of the near-tubular medium; 

  • drawing up maps of soils, flooding areas, underwater areas, areas of salinization, corrosive environments, freezing and thawing soils, etc.; 


  • studying of modern exogenous processes (mudslides, landslides, cavings, etc.); 

  • site ranking in terms of hazard level, allocation of sites for priority diagnostic study. 

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